Saturday Night Live Held Nothing Back When It Came to This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

Saturday Night Live Held Nothing Back When It Came to This Year's Super Bowl Ads

To say the cold open for Dan Levy’s Feb. 6 episode of Saturday Night Live was chaos is putting it lightly. During a Super Bowl LV pre-game show featuring their take on commentators James “No, Not That One” Brown, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher, Nate Burleson, and Phil Simms, the group seemed to cover everything but football — including but not limited to Nickelodeon’s coverage of the sport and how chicken wings are made. The highlight of the skit came in the form of ridiculous versions of Super Bowl commercials featuring “historically delicious” Cheez-Its, Budweiser’s “dual stance” on vaccines, and a cheeky nod to “pizzagate” with a Q-Anon Papa John.

If the commercials weren’t enough, Aidy Bryant was in top form as both Tampa Bay’s Bruce Arians and Kansas City’s Andy Reid. Seeing Chris Redd get Bryant to do a quick change between coaches is well worth a watch of the skit alone. You can get in on all the hilarity in the full video above, before checking out Dan Levy’s charming monologue from the evening.

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