I Could Probably Live Off of the Lush Vocal Runs in Kelly Clarkson’s Soulful Billie Eilish Cover

I Could Probably Live Off of the Lush Vocal Runs in Kelly Clarkson's Soulful Billie Eilish Cover

At this point, we have firmly established that Kelly Clarkson can cover any song her heart desires with a grace and ability that must have been gifted from the muses of music themselves. But I still manage to be shaken when she nails another one! On Oct. 5, The Kelly Clarkson Show host gave viewers another Billie Eilish cover during her Kellyoke segment to render us completely speechless. This time, the singer put her soulful spin on “My Future,” which the 18-year-old released back on July 30. The song is an ode to self-love and empowerment, and Clarkson’s powerful performance tells us that those themes are definitely resonating with her! Watch her incredible cover above, and then watch the rest of our favorite Clarkson covers through the years.

Lydia Livingston

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