SNL: Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Gives Big Mister Rogers and Bob Ross Vibes in Town Hall Skit

SNL: Jim Carrey's Joe Biden Gives Big Mister Rogers and Bob Ross Vibes in Town Hall Skit

Jim Carrey and Adam Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live on Oct. 17, and they perfectly parodied the absurdity of the simultaneous presidential town halls that went down on Thursday night. “One town hall was a thoughtful, cogent discussion of the issues facing our country. The other featured President Trump,” the cold open voiceover explained.

Reprising their roles as Joe Biden and President Trump, respectively, the two went “head to head” in separate town halls that featured a Wrestlemania match, a Bob Ross reference, and Carrey donning a cardigan while leading the audience into a brief rendition of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” And while there isn’t a person alive who could resist singing along to a Mister Rogers moment, I think we all agree with Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris when she stepped in to express her concern over what was going on. Watch the skit above!

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