David Trying on Moira’s Wigs Is the Best Schitt’s Creek Moment That Didn’t Actually Air on TV

David Trying on Moira's Wigs Is the Best Schitt's Creek Moment That Didn't Actually Air on TV

Now that Schitt’s Creek won all the Emmys, it truly feels like the series is over – but unless you’ve seen every episode of show’s webisode series, Inside Schitt’s Creek, there’s still so much to consume! The companion videos ran on YouTube during several of the show’s seasons, and having just stumbled across this one in which David casually tries on his mother’s wigs while Alexis approvingly stands by, I am personally jazzed that I didn’t watch these clips before. Now I have 40-plus episodes to keep me company! Please enjoy David trying on “Brenda” and if you haven’t already, check out this very important montage of Moira and Alexis saying “David.”

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