25 Schitt’s Creek Scenes That Made Us Laugh, Cry, and Love the Rose Family to Pieces

25 Schitt's Creek Scenes That Made Us Laugh, Cry, and Love the Rose Family to Pieces

Schitt’s Creek is the single greatest TV show to grace this planet, and anyone who dares to disagree can “eat glass” — hypothetically, of course. No other series has ever made me laugh and cry (and cry-laugh) as much as the Canadian sitcom has, and though its 80 episodes are each short, they cram in tons of hysterical, touching, quotable, and surprising moments worth revisiting. And I must acknowledge the Rose family’s unbeatable character growth, which is an utter joy to watch unfold.

Now that the sixth and final season has finally hit Netflix, it’s the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane and look back on the scenes that make Schitt’s Creek so darn lovable. With a little help from fellow POPSUGAR editors who also adore the show, I’m breaking down (simply) the best moments we can’t get enough of, from the commonly cited exchanges to the under-the-radar antics you might have glossed over the first time around. Cozy up in your favorite David Rose-esque sweater, queue up some Mariah Carey, and check ’em all out ahead, in chronological order.

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