You’ll Never Look at Disney Movies the Same After Hearing This TikToker’s Theories

You'll Never Look at Disney Movies the Same After Hearing This TikToker's Theories

I’m all for a good pop-culture-themed theory, especially when it involves wild theories about things like Taylor Swift’s latest album or The Bachelor. But some of the most fun theories come from fans cross-examining their favorite shows Pretty Little Liars-style, which is why I can’t stop watching TikToker Greg Bonilla (@gregbonilla) explain his Disney theories.

Bonilla has dozens of videos that touch on a variety of theories for beloved Disney movies and TV shows that will seriously make you need a moment (or several) alone to process. They range from silly, like the trolls made Prince Hans from Frozen evil, to sweet, like Jane from Tarzan is Belle from Beauty and the Beast‘s daughter, to downright heartbreaking, like Nemo from Finding Nemo actually dies at the beginning of the movie. You won’t be able to watch Disney movies the same way again! Keep reading to see some of Bonilla’s unique, funny, sweet, and sad Disney theory videos that’ll take you on a wild ride.

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