Who Killed Sara? Hasn’t Been Renewed For Season 3 Yet, but Manolo Cardona Is Hopeful

Who Killed Sara? Hasn't Been Renewed For Season 3 Yet, but Manolo Cardona Is Hopeful

Season two of Who Killed Sara? is hitting Netflix on May 19, but because we can’t get enough of the drama, we’re already wondering about season three. Even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, Manolo Cardona (Alex) is hopeful for another season.

“Hopefully, we have the opportunity to do more, but let’s see,” Cardona told POPSUGAR back in April. “I feel so blessed and thankful . . . We’ve been working so hard all these years trying to do something local that goes global, and that’s what happened with us . . . Hopefully, this is just the beginning.”

Even if we do finally find out who killed Sara in this upcoming season, there are still so many storylines the series can explore, including Alex and Elisa’s romance, Chema and Lorenzo’s journey to starting a family, or even the downfall of César Lazcano. The possibilities are endless. Netflix, are you listening? We’re ready for another season.

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