Watched All 5 Seasons of Line of Duty on Hulu? There’s a New Cast For Season 6

Watched All 5 Seasons of Line of Duty on Hulu? There's a New Cast For Season 6

A new season of the hit series Line of Duty is on its way in 2021, and it’s about time because we can’t wait for more action from our favorite anticorruption unit. In a “memorandum to staff” from Superintendent Ted Hastings on Feb. 3, it was revealed that the sixth installment of the award-winning series from the United Kingdom will return to the BBC soon, but we don’t know exactly when it will land in the United States.

As with most shows airing in 2021, it’s been a long road getting here. Production was shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the UK, but it thankfully restarted in August and filming wrapped in November.

Keep on reading to see exactly who’s returning to reprise their roles in season six of Line of Duty, and get to know the newcomers who are joining them.

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