Turns Out SNL Brought Back Beth Harmon For a Bonkers Queen’s Gambit Skit That Never Aired

Turns Out SNL Brought Back Beth Harmon For a Bonkers Queen's Gambit Skit That Never Aired

Beth Harmon is back, y’all. Anya Taylor-Joy hosted Saturday Night Live‘s May 22 episode, and although her monologue included a nod to her masterful Queen’s Gambit character, the rest of the episode was missing some serious chess energy. It turns out the NBC sketch-comedy show did have plans for Beth Harmon — several, in fact, as evidenced by a skit that was cut for time.

The ideas from SNL‘s cast only get more bizarre as the skit goes on. Will Beth face off against a chess savant from Queens, New York? Or perhaps she’ll get the Jennifer Lopez fur coat treatment in a Hustlers spinoff? Taylor-Joy vetoes all of the ideas, but only because she has bigger ideas: “Netflix? I’ve got our season two.” Watch the full skit above.

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