Tubular! These ’80s Halloween Costumes Will Rock Your Leg Warmers Off

Tubular! These '80s Halloween Costumes Will Rock Your Leg Warmers Off

When it comes to Halloween, we have a lot of costume ideas, but when it comes to the ’80s, well, we’ve got no shortage of amazing costumes that’ll knock your leg warmers right off. In case you’re thinking of traveling back in time to the most tubular decade, we’ve come up with pop culture-related ideas that range from iconic ’80s characters such as Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club to modern-day ’80s style favorites like Barb and Eleven from Stranger Things. Whether you want to creep people out, wear a couples costume with your partner, or dress up with a group of friends, these ideas cover all the costume bases. From Beetlejuice to Baby and Johnny to the whole Ghostbusters squad, these costumes are worth getting stoked about.

Blast back to the past when you take a peek at these pop culture costumes from the ’80s, and get ready for, like, a totally b*tchin’ Halloween.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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