Trust Me, You Need to See The Voice Coaches Sing This Bodacious Cover of “Together Forever”

Trust Me, You Need to See The Voice Coaches Sing This Bodacious Cover of "Together Forever"

Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Blake Shelton are back, and they’re celebrating by jamming together! The Voice coaches came together ahead of the season 20 premiere to sing, dance, and groove along to a cover of Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.” Didn’t know you needed to see Kelly in extreme shoulder pads with a super-teased bouffant? Can’t believe you’ve gone this long without seeing John in a fringe jacket? Wondering how this earth was turning before we got to see Nick wearing head-to-toe acid-wash denim? Feeling revived by Blake’s giant shoulder-pad shimmy? Well then, you definitely need to watch this music video!

As usual, the four don’t miss a note in their cover, but soon they’ll be back in those famed chairs competing against one another when the reality singing competition returns on March 1. Watch the video above, and savor the unity before it all goes down in the name of competition!

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