Tinashe’s New Album Is Dropping in a Matter of Weeks — Get All the Details!

Tinashe's New Album Is Dropping in a Matter of Weeks — Get All the Details!

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Tinashe has more new music on the way! After dropping her sexy new single, “Bouncin’,” complete with an even sexier music video earlier this month, the 28-year-old singer announced on Thursday that her fifth studio album will be released in a matter of weeks. Along with the release date, Tinashe also debuted some gorgeous artwork and a few teasers of what’s to come. As we wait for more details, keep reading to see everything we know about Tinashe’s upcoming album so far.

The Album Title

Tinashe’s fifth studio album is titled 333. In a recent interview with Bustle, she explained the special meaning behind the number, which she described as her “angel number.” “I think it’s always felt like a good omen to me, something that feels like there’s good things coming in the future,” Tinashe explained. “It reminds me that I’m always on the right path and the universe is looking out for me at the end of the day.”

The Release Date

Tinashe’s 333 album is expected to drop on Aug. 6.

The Tracklist

1. “Let Go”
2. “I Can See the Future”
3. “X” feat. Jeremih
4. “Shy Guy”
5. “Bouncin'”
6. “Unconditional” feat. Kaytranada
7. “Angels” feat. Kaash Paige
8. “333” feat. AB
9. “Undo” feat. Wax Motif
10. “Let Me Down Slowly”
11. “Last Call”
12. “The Chase”
13. “Pasadena” feat. Buddy
14. “Small Reminders”
15. “Bouncin’ PT. 2”
16. “It’s a Wrap” feat. Quiet Child and Kudzai

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