This TikToker Imagines Alexis Rose Reciting “Good 4 U” Lyrics, and Olivia Rodrigo Approves

This TikToker Imagines Alexis Rose Reciting "Good 4 U" Lyrics, and Olivia Rodrigo Approves

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My entire TikTok For You Page for the past few days has pretty much featured nonstop videos inspired by Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album — as it should. But Mia Cherise Hall recently posted a parody that sets itself apart and combines Miss Rodrigo’s album with another one of my pop culture loves: Schitt’s Creek. Hall imagined what it’d be like to hear Alexis Rose recite Rodrigo’s pop-punk track “Good 4 U,” and believe it or not, the combo works incredibly well.

Hall stepped into Alexis’s shoes and pretended the socialite was arguing with her boyfriend, Ted. “You look happy and healthy,” Hall said, perfectly nailing Alexis’s intonation and mannerisms. “Not me, if you ever cared to ask.” I could totally see this scene in a Schitt’s Creek episode, and Rodrigo must agree, because she gave it her own seal of approval. Hall’s video got a comment from the “Deja Vu” singer, who wrote “Iconic” on the video. Watch the clip below to see Hall’s return to the Rose Motel for yourself.


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♬ original sound – mia

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