The Netflix Original Character You Belong With Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Netflix Original Character You Belong With Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By the time you finish watching the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movies, you’ll either be Team John or Team Peter. It’s basically inevitable, and let’s just face it, it all comes down to your zodiac sign compatibility. Whether you come across a Peter Kavinsky in real life or on screen, it’s hard not to scour social media for any clues as to what your new crush’s astrological birth chart might look like. But while we know for sure that our favorite Netflix heartthrob Noah Centineo is a Taurus sun with an Aquarius moon, what about the fictional characters he portrays? Who would be your zodiac soulmate if you were in a Netflix Original? Would Jamey and Sierra’s relationship in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser actually last? Are you convinced that Elle and Lee from The Kissing Booth would never end up together because Elle isn’t an Earth sign like you are? Well, the answers are written in the stars, so keep reading to find out what they say.

Lydia Livingston

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