The D’Amelios Are Getting Their Own Show on Hulu, and WOW, Is This Exciting, Y’all

The D'Amelios Are Getting Their Own Show on Hulu, and WOW, Is This Exciting, Y'all

This is not a drill: the D’Amelios are getting their own show, and we’re buzzing with excitement at getting a look into their day to day. As major fans of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio’s viral TikTok videos, where they dance to songs like “Donk” by Soulja Boy Tell’em and “OHFR” by Rico Nasty, engage with followers through “put a finger down” quizzes, and allow a glimpse into their personal lives, we really can’t get over the news. The upcoming show is going to take a deep dive into their family dynamic, featuring not just Charli and Dixie but also bringing in their parents, Marc and Heidi, too. Giving us all the details on their new life, this eight-part docuseries will highlight the sisters’ rise to fame and what that means for the family as a whole. Ready to learn more? Ahead, find out everything we know about The D’Amelio Show so far, plus how to watch it.

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