Taylor Swift’s “No Body, No Crime” x “I Did Something Bad” Mashup Belongs in an Action Film

Taylor Swift's "No Body, No Crime" x "I Did Something Bad" Mashup Belongs in an Action Film

Just when we thought Taylor Swift’s Reputation days were long gone, a fan made a song mashup of “I Did Something Bad” and Evermore‘s “No Body, No Crime” that sounds like something straight out of a superhero movie. The four-minute mashup perfectly merges the old Taylor with the new Taylor, resulting in what sounds like the backtrack to a badass protagonist stomping away from an explosion in slow motion. So, when’s the movie premiere?

Like a mini murder mystery, the mix takes on a narrative of its own, adding a wonderfully villainous feel to the original tracks and weaving an intricate storyline that has us hooked through to the very end. Give the mashup a listen for yourself above, and check out our Evermore album theories here.

Lydia Livingston

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