Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey Remixed “We Belong Together” For Valentine’s Day

Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey Remixed "We Belong Together" For Valentine's Day

A full two days before Valentine’s Day, Mariah Carey has already managed to turn me into the human equivalent of the heart eyes emoji, and I’m not mad about it. On Feb. 12, the singer shared a special remixed version of “We Belong Together” 15 years after the song’s initial release, and I’m officially in love with every minute of it. “Happy early Valentine’s Day!” Carey captioned an Instagram post sharing the video. “Hope you like the new rendition of ‘We Belong Together’ that I performed today on @livekellyandryan after a late night jam session with my band! Believe it or not, we actually recorded a 7 minute [sic] version of this song thinking of putting it out for the lambily!”

The music video features Carey wearing a sleek black ensemble in front of her living room fireplace, surrounded by three band members as she sings her heart out. If you listen closely, you’ll also notice that Carey took the time to re-record the background vocals, and we are writing our letters of appreciaton as we speak. Grab your special someone and give the full Valentine’s Day version of “We Belong Together” a listen here. And check out this playlist of songs for soulmates to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

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