Schitt’s Creek Is Over, and We Hate That For You, So Here’s What to Watch Next

Schitt's Creek Is Over, and We Hate That For You, So Here's What to Watch Next

With the final episode of Schitt’s Creek coming to Netflix soon, you may be wondering if there are any other series that can provide you with the same unbridled joy. In fact, it seems impossible that there are any characters quite as lovable, enunciations as hilariously strange, or eyebrows as wonderfully bushy as the ones found in the Rosebud Motel. Happily, the nonstop TV marathons don’t have to stop just because the Roses are taking their final bow. These shows are just like Schitt’s Creek in all the best ways, picked specifically for the people who know what they like and aren’t willing to compromise (turns out David might’ve been onto something after all).

Lydia Livingston

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