Now That We’ve Seen All 10 of Netflix’s New Holiday Movies, Let’s Rank ‘Em

Now That We've Seen All 10 of Netflix's New Holiday Movies, Let's Rank 'Em

My favorite part about the end of the year has to be binge-watching every holiday movie ever made. You really only get one window of time to do, and if you’re not packing every free second of December with cheery films are you really doing it right? This year, Netflix has made the movie rotation even more packed by releasing 10 new holiday films.

Obviously, I had to watch them all. There were some notable standouts and a few that might have been a bit too cheesy for me — but, cheesy is it’s own genre when it comes to holiday movies, so take that as you will. Either way, if you’re looking for a seasonal film to curl up with this winter, I’ve ranked all the new ones on Netflix from worst to best so you’ll know exactly where to begin.

Lydia Livingston

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