Michelle Obama Reminds Us There’s “No Limit” to What We Can Accomplish When We Vote

Michelle Obama Reminds Us There's "No Limit" to What We Can Accomplish When We Vote

As if you needed another reminder to vote in the presidential election, on Oct. 30, Michelle Obama and a crew of stars banded together for a PSA on Instagram to inspire those who have yet to cast their ballots, particularly women, to do so, with just four days remaining until Election Day. The former first lady, who served as the narrator, was joined by talent like Megan Rapinoe, Storm Reid, and Rachel Brosnahan in highlighting milestones in women’s history and urging people to vote because their voice truly matters. “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish when we use our voices and vote,” Michelle captioned the post. “With only days left before the election, we have to keep showing up in numbers that can’t be denied and voting like our lives depend on it. Vote for Joe and Kamala.” Check out the heartwarming video above and be sure to vote if you haven’t already.

Image Source: Getty / Martin Sylvest

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