Love The Royal Tenenbaums and Everything Wes Anderson? You’ll Love These Movies, Too

Love The Royal Tenenbaums and Everything Wes Anderson? You'll Love These Movies, Too

The classic Wes Anderson movie The Royal Tenenbaums is turning 20 this year, and what better way to celebrate than have a movie marathon of all the titles that remind us of it? Quirky, intelligent, and filled with immediately-recognizable costumes like Margot’s fur coat, this film is full of unique dialogue (AKA “hell of a damn grave, wish it were mine”) and scenes we’ll remember forever. From Margot and Richie’s secret love, to Eli’s cowboy persona, to all of Chas’s signature cherry-red tracksuits and paranoia, it’s difficult to compare this movie to anything, but there are countless films that are just as unconventional. Ahead, find the top 10 movies that remind us of The Royal Tenenbaums for your movie marathon– just add a track headband or cowboy hat, and a dirty martini!

Lydia Livingston

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