Let’s Discuss How Good Manny Jacinto Looks in Nine Perfect Strangers, Shall We?

Let's Discuss How Good Manny Jacinto Looks in Nine Perfect Strangers, Shall We?

If you’re not already hooked on Nine Perfect Strangers, allow me to provide the sole plot point you need to be aware of: Manny Jacinto. The handsome Filipino-Canadian actor plays the role of Yao, a wellness consultant at the Tranquillum House retreat, and it’s quite hard to ignore how damn fine his character is. Jacinto trades in the clean-shaven chin and neatly coiffed hair he had as The Good Place‘s beloved Jason Mendoza for a perfectly unkempt man bun and goatee combo that may be questionable on others but absolutely works on him.

In the Hulu series, Yao operates under the hypnotic guidance of Nicole Kidman’s Masha to help nine retreat attendees on their journey of self-betterment. He’s even-tempered and level-headed, providing a calming presence to quell the brewing chaos. Sure, he’s wrapped up in whatever weird sh*t Masha’s cooking up behind the scenes (no spoilers here, don’t worry), but that isn’t stopping me from wanting to risk it all every time he appears on screen in varying shades of gray clothing. For both those unacquainted to Nine Perfect Strangers and those intimately invested in the show, I’ve gathered all the handsome photos of Yao in one place for repeated viewing pleasure. Check out every snap ahead, and then catch up on all the Nine Perfect Strangers book spoilers if you so please.

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