Jurassic World: Dominion Has a Release Date, but Before You Get Too Excited . . .

Jurassic World: Dominion Has a Release Date, but Before You Get Too Excited . . .

We realize this sounds completely ridiculous, but here it goes: Jurassic World: Dominion will be released on June 10, 2022. While that sounds very far into the future, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came three years after Jurassic World in 2015, and now the third movie is coming four years after 2018’s Fallen Kingdom. Originally set for a release date of June 2021, COVID-19 halted the movie’s production.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is back for the new installment; he also cowrote the script along with Emily Carmichael. He’s not the only one returning. Besides Jurassic World-franchise stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World: Dominion also sees the return of original Jurassic Park stars Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. DeWanda Wise, Justice Smith, BD Wong, Mamoudou Athie, Isabella Sermon, Omar Sy, and many others will also star.

While we still don’t know what the full plot entails, we do know that after the postcredit scene in Fallen Kingdom, dinosaurs now freely roam the Earth. Humans are about to come to the very eye-opening realization that they’re living in a Jurassic world, and they’re no longer the most dangerous beings walking free. We’re holding onto our butts as we wait to see what our heroes will get up to in 2022!

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