Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Joined Her on Stage to Sing “Sweet Caroline” With a Special Twist

Jennifer Lopez's Mom Joined Her on Stage to Sing "Sweet Caroline" With a Special Twist

Jennifer Lopez brought out a very special guest during the Global Citizen Vax Live’s concert taping on May 2. The “Lonely” singer has previously credited her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, for her love of dance, so it only makes sense that the two shared the stage together in Inglewood, CA. Lopez introduced Rodríguez to the crowd, and together, the dynamic mother-daughter duo covered “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

This surprise duet feels like perfect timing since the Vax Live concert will premiere the day before Mother’s Day on May 8. “Sing it to me just like you used to, OK?” Lopez told her 75-year-old mom in a Twitter video captured by Adelle Platon. Rodríguez switched the lyrics around for her “Sweet Jennifer,” which is just such a typically adorable mom move, isn’t it? Get a glimpse of the moment in the video and photos ahead.

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