“It Speaks for the Power of Love”: Ciara and Russell Wilson on 4 Romantic Years of Marriage

"It Speaks for the Power of Love": Ciara and Russell Wilson on 4 Romantic Years of Marriage

Some couples fall out of the honeymoon stage, but Ciara and Russell Wilson seem to have found a way to make the last four and a half years of their marriage as sweet as possible. In an interview for GQ‘s Modern Lovers Issue, the couple opened up about their relationship and how they’ve learned to love and support one another over the years. “It’s always a blast that we get to do love together,” Russell said at the beginning of the heartwarming interview. “I get to love her and take care of her and our kids is the greatest gift I have. So I cherish that every day.” Many fans believe Ciara and Russell have a “perfect” marriage, but they know that relationships take work. See Ciara and Russell’s quotes about love, quality time, marriage, family life, and more ahead. And make sure to check out their adorable couples quiz to see which one of them can remember more facts about the other.

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