How Olivia Rodrigo Went From Ultimate Swiftie to Taylor Swift’s Child

How Olivia Rodrigo Went From Ultimate Swiftie to Taylor Swift's Child

It finally happened! Olivia Rodrigo met her music idol Taylor Swift. During the BRIT Awards on Tuesday, the pop superstars came face to face for a sweet picture backstage. Needless to say, the interaction has been a long time coming! Olivia has been a fan of Taylor since she was a little kid, and has often discussed how Taylor’s songwriting has influenced her own music. After getting the attention of Taylor when she covered one of her songs last year, Olivia has actually developed a closer relationship with the singer these past few months.

“I feel really lucky to be an industry at such a young age where I get to walk through so many of the doors that she’s opened,” Olivia told Capital FM in March. “I’m really, really lucky to have her as a mentor.” Taylor’s ongoing battle for ownership of her music has even inspired Olivia to retain control of her master recordings. In honor of the two singers finally meeting, let’s relive Olivia’s journey from ultimate Swiftie to “Taylor’s child.”

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