Hot Take: Sweet Home Alabama Has the Most Underrated Movie Soundtrack of All Time

Hot Take: Sweet Home Alabama Has the Most Underrated Movie Soundtrack of All Time

It’s Fashion Week in New York in the opening scene of Sweet Home Alabama, and Melanie (played by the iconic Reese Witherspoon) is showing off her designs as her dreamy soon-to-be-fiancé Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) watches from the audience. “Keep on Dancing” by Gwen Stefani is playing as women strut their early 2000s fashions.

Ah, the sweet nostalgia that comes from watching these fresh-faced actors during the golden era of rom-coms. In case you missed this gem, it definitely deserves a rewatch — if you like love triangles, Southern charm, family drama, and vintage Witherspoon, that is. But, part of what makes this movie so captivating is its catchy soundtrack, featuring some of the biggest names in pop and country music, including Jewel, Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow, and Dolly Parton.

The easygoing soundtrack reflects that story and will transport you to drinking beer in small-town bars, riding in the back of a pickup truck, and falling in love for the first time with its romantic, easy-listening, and totally dance-worthy tunes. Be careful, this movie soundtrack will make you want to meet that perfect person and get married, so you can kiss your partner anytime you want (if you know, you know).

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