From “Thank U, Next” to “Bad Guy,” Here Are All the Catchy String Covers on Bridgerton

From "Thank U, Next" to "Bad Guy," Here Are All the Catchy String Covers on Bridgerton

Driven by saucy romance and family turmoil, Netflix’s Bridgerton will easily tug at your heartstrings. When it comes to the emotional core of the show, we’d be remiss not to mention its poignant soundtrack, which is full of actual strings, especially string covers of pop music. As with many a period drama, the series features elegant piano and violin sounds. The score is predominantly composed by musician Kris Bowers, who’s known for his work on When They See Us and Dear White People. Along with Bowers’ score, we’ve been blessed with classical takes on modern songs from groups such as Vitamin String Quartet and Duomo. Occasionally, Bridgerton features fun string renditions of top hits such as “Thank U, Next” and “Wildest Dreams” to highlight Daphne’s tumultuous love life.

So, order a lavish dress from the modiste and get ready to waltz on the ballroom dance floor — we’ve rounded up all the catchy musical covers on Bridgerton!

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