Firefly Lane Absolutely Needs Another Season After That Cliffhanger

Firefly Lane Absolutely Needs Another Season After That Cliffhanger

If you’ve been looking for the perfect escapist series to binge-watch with a glass of wine, look no further than Netflix’s Firefly Lane. The series, which premiered on Feb. 3, follows two best friends named Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) and the ups and downs they’ve faced through the years. It’s basically everything you love about soapy dramas like Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River, with a twist of This Is Us. Since the show goes back and forth in time, you quickly become engrossed as you try to piece together various storylines. Although, it’s the ending that really has us craving more.

Since the last episode ends on a major cliffhanger, we’re already curious to know if there will be a second season. Though Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything yet, a renewal certainly looks promising. Not only does the show feature a star-studded cast, but it’s based on Kristin Hannah’s book series of the same name, which means that there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from.

While there’s no telling how closely a second season would follow the second book, Fly Away, there are still plenty of storylines to explore in future episodes. Why aren’t Tully and Kate speaking in present day? What happens to Johnny? We need answers! Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get an official renewal.

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