Eli Goree’s Name Is One to Remember, and These 8 Roles Prove It

Eli Goree's Name Is One to Remember, and These 8 Roles Prove It

We could spend hours talking about how much we love One Night in Miami‘s Eli Goree. From his time as Wells Jaha on The 100 to playing the GOAT Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, Goree has proven time and time again that he has both the charisma and talent to take on any role. The 26-year-old actor has a smile that’ll steal your heart and an Instagram presence that’ll leave you thirsty, but neither detracts from the sheer star power he exudes the moment he appears on screen. You’re going to want to remember his name when One Night in Miami premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Jan. 15. If you still need to get your Goree fix, you can check out some of his best movie and TV roles ahead.

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