Chris Evans Commends First-Time Voters Who Are Advocating For Change: “I Feel So Inspired”

Chris Evans Commends First-Time Voters Who Are Advocating For Change: "I Feel So Inspired"

Chris Evans is encouraging first-time voters to keep fighting for what they believe in. On Oct. 24, the 39-year-old actor stopped by MTV’s Vote For Your Life Stream event to celebrate Vote Early Day and speak with constituents who are hoping for change. In a two-minute video, young voters opened up about the causes that are most important to them, including climate change and social justice.

“Every time I speak with you guys, I feel so inspired,” Chris said after listening to each elector. “It really does bring me a sense of confidence knowing that there is this much focus and motivation coming from the next generation. This is just so fantastic.” He then ended on a heartfelt note, saying, “Thank you for what you’re doing, and please, please stick with it ’cause we need you.” Chris joined the virtual gathering as a representative for A Starting Point (ASP), a video-based civic engagement platform that he co-founded with Mark Kassen. Other stars who took part in the get-together included Skai Jackson, JoJo, and Laura Marano. Watch Chris’s full chat with young voters in the clip above!

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