Celebs Plead to #StopAsianHate After Atlanta Shootings: “Your Silence Is Complicity”

Celebs Plead to #StopAsianHate After Atlanta Shootings: "Your Silence Is Complicity"

Celebrities are speaking out in regard to the tragic Atlanta-area spa shootings on March 16, which left eight people dead, six of whom were women of Asian descent. The killings come amid the recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans, resulting in many of the responses being a mix of grief, anger, and frustration at the consistent and unchecked barrage of racism and violence.

“These murders and countless acts of violence and the destruction of businesses and white terrorism in our communities are the direct cause of politicians and leaders fanning the flames of anti-Asian rhetoric and using us as a scapegoat for a global pandemic. Historically Asian immigrants have been the scapegoat for others misfortunes. This ends now,” Jamie Chung said in an Instagram post on March 17. She is not alone, with stars like Daniel Dae Kim, Lana Condor, George Takei, and more using social media to share their sentiments concerning the recent shooting and attacks. You can read their statements in full ahead.

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