BTS’s Takeover on The Tonight Show Was a Week-Long Fun Fest, and I’m Still Dancing

BTS's Takeover on The Tonight Show Was a Week-Long Fun Fest, and I'm Still Dancing

From Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, K-pop group BTS delivered a series of performances, interviews, and sketches on The Tonight Show, and seeing them all together may be the joy we need to get through 2020. “We love having BTS on the show,” host Jimmy Fallon said in a statement. “These guys are incredible, and you just know they’re going to go above and beyond to make their performance unforgettable.” Unforgettable is certainly the word I’d use for their “Black Swan” performance; did you SEE those looks? Absolutely swoon-worthy. Between The Roots backing “Dynamite” and Jimin doing his best in the Zoom Olympics, we’re forever grateful for this takeover. Look ahead to watch all of BTS’s appearances!

Lydia Livingston

Lydia is the newest member of the Genesis Brand family and has fit into the culture seamlessly. After graduating college, three years ago, Lydia made the transition to west coast life after her early years in NYC. She's an avid tennis player, animal rights activist and aspiring vegan chef.

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