Billie Eilish Gets Up to No Good in an Empty Mall in the Video For “Therefore I Am”

Billie Eilish Gets Up to No Good in an Empty Mall in the Video For "Therefore I Am"

Billie Eilish, one of the most exciting artists around, has finally released her new single, “Therefore I Am,” and we are beyond excited. In her Instagram post announcing the video, Eilish revealed she’s “so excited for this one,” while her brother (and producer) Finneas confirmed to fans, “You are not ready.” Eilish and Finneas collaborated on the track, as with most of her songs, and Finneas has also gone on to release his own music. The video for the song simply shows Eilish alone in an empty mall as she raids stores and pilfers food, singling along to the song’s lyrics.

Her last release, “My Future,” came out at the end of July, following her stellar edition of the James Bond theme song, “No Time to Die.” Turns out, composer Hans Zimmer was the reason Eilish got chosen for the song, as he discovered “this small, leanly produced, very personal song by Billie” and knew it was the right one for the job. Adding to that, Zimmer revealed, “It felt hugely personal; it felt really well crafted. I really liked how lean it was.” Watch the video for “Therefore I Am” above.

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