American Idol: Casey Bishop’s “Over the Rainbow” Performance Is a Little Slice of Serenity

American Idol: Casey Bishop's "Over the Rainbow" Performance Is a Little Slice of Serenity

Casey Bishop solidified her American Idol frontrunner status during Sunday night’s episode of the singing competition series. The 16-year-old showed off her impressive range, departing from her usual rock ‘n’ roll ways to belt out an ethereal cover of “Over the Rainbow.” Hearing her rendition of the timeless track — which, fun fact: Judy Garland sang at Bishop’s same age when she portrayed Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz — is capable of melting your troubles like lemon drops, even if just momentarily.

Bishop’s powerhouse vocals didn’t falter one time during the performance, and the judges certainly took notice. Moments after the Florida native concluded, Katy Perry exclaimed, “Yes! You can do anything you want,” before reiterating that she could very well be the season 19 winner. Meanwhile, Lionel Richie summed it up best when he said, “I keep looking down at 16 wondering what the heck the DNA is made of.” See Bishop’s talent in action by watching her latest American Idol staging above.

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