Allow Lizzo to Educate You on the History of Twerking: “Welcome to TED Twerk”

Allow Lizzo to Educate You on the History of Twerking: "Welcome to TED Twerk"

Lizzo is the latest celebrity to give a TED Talk, and hers is all about twerking. On Tuesday, the “Good as Hell” singer gave audience members at the TEDMonterey “The Case for Optimism” conference a history lesson on the the origins of twerking. In a clip shared by Ted Talks on Instagram, Lizzo starts her conversation by noting that her “ass has been the topic of conversation” for many years. “My ass has been in magazines, Rihanna gave my ass a standing ovation,” she noted. “Yes, my booty. My least favorite part of my body. How did this happen? Twerking.” She added that through twerking, she discovered that her ass is her “greatest asset,” before telling everyone, “Welcome to TED Twerk.” According to an official synopsis from TED Talk, Lizzo also discussed how twerking traces back to West African dancing and its importance within Black culture. Though the official clip TED Talks shared is brief, it sounds like we’ll get to hear the full version soon!

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