21 Lighthearted, Cozy Mystery Books to Settle Down With This Fall

21 Lighthearted, Cozy Mystery Books to Settle Down With This Fall

A warm, fuzzy blanket is wrapped around me, fall-scented candles are flickering nearby, and the real world has slowly slipped away as I’m lost inside a good book — it’s the perfect evening. The power of a book is simply irresistible. From tracking down fictional murderers to learning about iconic women, I am proud to be a #booknerd. But one genre I recently started to get into (thanks to my tendency to read intense books late at night and then not be able to sleep) is cozy mystery books.

Unlike horror, thrillers, or true-crime novels, cozy mysteries don’t get into the bloody gore of murder or the violent actions of hardened criminals or sociopaths. They are as delightful as they sound: lighthearted, comical mysteries that will draw you in without raising your heart rate. According to Goodreads, cozy mysteries (aka Cozies) rarely include sex, profanity, or violence. Instead, it’s usually based in a small town, where an amateur detective personally knows all the suspects, keeping you guessing as you wade through the charm. If you are looking for a few cozies to enjoy this month, check out a some of my favorites ahead, often based around delicious food themes. The only thing left to solve is which one you’ll pick up first!

Lydia Livingston

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