15 Great Halloween Movies From the ’90s You Can Stream Now

15 Great Halloween Movies From the '90s You Can Stream Now

The ’90s were an excellent decade for Halloween movies. From kid-friendly classics like Hocus Pocus to films that redefined the horror genre like Scream, the ’90s had the best Halloween movies. The proof is in the enduring nature of almost every film on this list. The Sanderson sisters, Jack Skellington, and Ghostface are all synonymous with Halloween now. These movies are as much a part of the spooky holiday season as candy corn and costume planning, and as an added bonus, they’ll all take you right back to the ’90s, when the fashion choices were daring and every October the streets were dotted with orange, jack-o’-lantern-faced garbage bags filled with leaves.

So go ahead and light a Black Flame Candle and summon up some ’90s scares with these spooky-good movies.

Additional reporting by Kalyn Womack

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