10 New YA Books to Get Lost in this November

10 New YA Books to Get Lost in this November

If you’re feeling a little drained as the year winds down (and truly, who isn’t?), the best new YA books of November truly are a balm for the soul. As always, YA remains an all-encompassing genre that’s just as likely to serve up a timely novel grounded in today’s social issues as it is an intricate fantasy, but this month truly feels like it’s all about the love. With romantic new titles from the likes of Jenn Bennett, Marissa Meyer, and David Yoon, stories of first loves are plentiful this November. Not in the mood for romance? That’s okay too, because there’s also a Gothic-flavored supernatural tale and an exciting fantasy coming your way, plus so much more. And hey, if you still need more suggestions on what to pick up next after you blaze through all of our November picks, check out October’s selections for even more YA reccomendations.

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