10 Documentaries About Cults That Will Shock and Fascinate You

10 Documentaries About Cults That Will Shock and Fascinate You

Over the past several decades, the exploration of cults has become a phenomenon for curious documentarians. Whether religious or spiritual, rich or poor, open or private, these groups usually have a few things in common: a morally questionable leader, mysterious goals and practices, and a body of members who strongly believe in their way of life. It’s these things in particular that make these groups fascinating, but as interesting as cults may be, they can sometimes be dangerous, and even deadly. For those who foster a curiosity about these groups, here are 10 documentaries — including HBO’s recent docuseries The Vow — that get to the bottom of life inside a cult. Note: many of these groups wouldn’t identify themselves as a “cult,” but each group is categorized by some type of extreme belief system and/or way of life.

Additional reporting by Maggie Panos

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