Politics Podcast: What Americans Think About Vaccines, Masks And Shutdowns As Covid Cases Spike

The number of covid cases in the U.S. is surging, largely due to the Delta variant. Earlier this summer there were 10-15,000 reported cases per day, but that number is now up to 60,000 and rising. The federal government and some states have started taking measures to try to increase vaccination rates, particularly among public employees and health care workers. A recent Hill-Harris poll showed that a majority of voters would support the reinstatement of mask mandates if there were a local spike in cases, but overall Americans are split on what to do about the rise in Covid cases. In this installment of the Genesis Brand Politics podcast, the crew talks about where Americans stand on mitigation efforts, how politicians are responding, and what public health experts are saying about the current state of the pandemic.

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Connie Chu

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